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We have a diverse, team approach.

We are woman-owned, and our firm has a diverse makeup of attorneys and staff members. Because our team has a range of experience and a variety of backgrounds, we provide our clients with more creatively astute solutions to their legal problems.

We are prompt, thorough, and personable.

Our attorneys have a manageable file load, and intimate knowledge of their files. We meet with clients in person. We are not just a faceless voice on the phone. We provide event reporting to our clients in the form of personal meetings, and phone calls after hearings, depositions, and all other major events in the litigation process. All telephone calls to our office are returned within 24 hours. 

Our team is ready and willing to go to trial.

As experienced trial attorneys, we recognize that a vast majority of all cases are settled without a trial.  However, unlike many other firms, we do not automatically push for settlement. We try cases, and we do not settle on the court house steps unless it is the client’s decision to do so.

It is our intention to force the other side to prove their case.  We are not afraid to file summary judgment/disposition motions to resolve cases. 

Our clients’ cases are handled by a team of experienced attorneys, and we encourage aggressive file handling, which promotes the early and economical resolution of claims.  Each file is assigned a supervisor to further assist with the case. The supervisor oversees the case to ensure that the claim is handled appropriately. It is important to note that supervisors do not charge clients for their time. Often supervisors attend depositions or hearings with our legal associates at no cost to the client, and with the sole intention of knowledge-sharing and collaboration.  

We use technology to our advantage.

All of our attorneys and staff members are technologically savvy and employ the latest technologies to increase their efficiency. All of our files are electronic. We use electronic presentations at trials. All of our team members have smart phones, so they can handle calendar requests, email inquiries, and research questions from anywhere.

We know that every case is unique.

While many firms handle their cases with a “cookie cutter” approach, our team knows that every law suit is different, and each suit requires an individualized approach to analysis, planning, file handling, and the settlement or litigation process.

Our team meets with each client in person throughout the claims handling or litigation process to efficiently anticipate each client’s needs and the nuances of the case, so we can address all issues to save time, expense, and the bottom line.